NBA Daily Show: May 18 – The Starters

On Thursday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss whether this is the best LeBron’s ever played, what the Celtics can do moving forward, and the All-NBA Team selections. That, plus Albert Einstein appears in a brand new edition of the Meme Team. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV throughout the playoffs and get more of them on their website:

43 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: May 18 – The Starters

  1. They should keep all nba centre. An NBA team has a centre in it so all-nba teams should have it, as they are a representation of the best players in their area for that year

  2. What is with this disrespect toward Demarcus Cousins from everybody. Honestly would've put him over Anthony Davis even personally, and definitely over Rudy Gobert.

  3. everybody talking about lillard, stop. i love that dude (actually picked him to be the mvp before the season started lmao) but he didn't have a better season than any of the guards, including derozan. in fact, i would put cp3 before lillard and maybe derozan too. gobert, gasol and davis should be the centers, in that order too. between pg13 and butler, may the devil come and choose cuz its that close.

  4. So we really gone continue to dickride LeBron and ignore the fact that while the Cavs have been resting for almost 2 weeks straight, the Celtics JUST got off of a Game 7 win? Y'all are taking 1 game and acting like he already won the championship ??‍♂️ when he gets fucked up by them bitch ass Warriors what's gone be y'all excuse for him? ?

  5. How can anyone possibly justify DJ making a team but not CP3? All DJ does it catch lobs thrown by Paul, or are you trying to tell me DJ is the best player on that clippers team

  6. According to you idiots on Youtube, everyone in the basketball community from Magic Johnson to Kareem to Isiah Thomas to Doc Rivers to Brad Stevens to Chris Webber are ALL lebron "dicksuckers" because they all think LeBron is a top 5 player of all time and the greatest player on the planet today.

    You people are fucking dumbasses, if you actually knew anything about basketball (in which that case, you would be on reddit or realGM, not fucking Youtube), you would respect LeBron's incredible talent

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