NBA Daily Show: May 17 – The Starters

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On Wednesday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss the NBA Draft Lottery: Who was the biggest winner? Which team was the biggest loser? What was the night’s best moment? All that, plus the fellas breakdown the Warriors’ Game 2 rout, debate whether Aldridge intentionally stepped under KD, and get you set for the Eastern Conference Finals in Boston. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV throughout the playoffs and get more of them on their website:

29 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: May 17 – The Starters

  1. Really ?! LaMarcus Aldridge was sheepish ? That was the reaction of a good guy recognizing he just did a bad thing. It's remorse. And no, that's no accident. Getting to close on a contest can be an accident, sliding your foot just an additional extra right underneath the shooter, when you're basically standing still in front of him, that's about as flagrant as you can get (not being named Bowen).

  2. Well as we can clearly see, the Spurs aren't upsetting the Warriors (without their star player), and God knows the Celtics have jack shit in store for the Cavs – both Conference finals are clean sweeps, plain and simple. I just hope the Cavs-Warriors finals will give us all the excitement we should have gotten from the early post-season. Shame, NBA, shame.

  3. Why no mention of the Kings as biggest losers in the draft. No, I don't think they beat the Nets but, they just dropped from 3rd to 5th thanks to the pick swap with Philly. That's a bigger drop than the Knicks. And for what? So they could free up cap space to sign a player they ended up not signing? Then signing a player they ended up not keeping? Seriously?

  4. LAs was definitely not the same as Zazas. ZaZa turned around and kept going at KL, and didn't even turn around when he knew KL landed on his foot. LA just slightly moved his foot forward.

  5. automatic dislike for Tas saying maddow is the best in the business. are u fucking kidding me Tas?! He lost most of his credibility even before the election due to his Clinton shilling and he definitely lost whatever credibility was left after his Trump tax return failure. Maddow needs to pack up his penis and move to Saudia Arabia.

  6. Why all the hate for the show? It's a great little show. The hosts are fans, like us, and hearing them talking about the NBA Is so refreshing. No ex-players here, no washed out coaches either. Just fans like the rest of us having fun while they talk about their favorite sport. If you're bothered by a 3-minute segment then perhaps you shouldn't watch anything at all. There's much worse on TV than Fashion or Nah.

  7. Don't know why Joel (GREG ODEN 2.0) Embiid is laughing for, his ass can't even play a full season let alone half a season without something in his glass bone breaking. LMAO! Don't know why Nik is talking crap, must be because Kings did all they can to get rid of his BUST ass. FAILED! Kings were the real WINNER in this draft. 2 top 10 pick and a top 5 pick. They even moved up in the draft while being pegged at the #8 spot. The Starters are a bunch of KINGS HATER. Don't know what they did to the entire panel of RETARDS. Probably someone in the KINGS organization FUCKED all their wives. LMAO!

  8. Apparently no one is a godfather fan enough to point out that reference. Trey, you're my favorite starter and I love your beard, but don't ever take sides with anyone against the NBATV family again.

  9. Leigh… what? Suns are losers cuz they cant pick markelle or lonzo? Ik nothings been verbally said, but all signs indicate theyre taking jackson or tatum… even if they got #2 pick, they still were probly going with the better fit and that would be jackson… ive never heard any source say the suns are taking fultz or lonzo..

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