NBA Daily Show: June 10 – The Starters

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On Monday’s very special 1-hour episode of The Starters LIVE FROM JURASSIC PARK IN TORONTO, the guys preview what to watch in Game 5: Can Kevin Durant save the Warriors? What is the key to the Raptors closing it out? Is it the battle of the bigs? All that, plus Vince Carter reminisces with Leigh about the good old days in Toronto, the guys discuss what they’ll remember from the Raptors 2019 playoff run, they debate if the Warriors are a dynasty, and they make a special announcement regarding the future of the show. Watch The Starters daily throughout the playoffs or get more of them on their website:

35 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: June 10 – The Starters

  1. Been following you guys since the audio only days, will follow wherever you go next, provided your content remains as easily accessible to international viewers as you've always made sure it was (I remember your NBA TV show not being accessible on youtube for the first year until you guys insisted it was essential). I'm probably going to unsubscribe from the NBA youtube channel since you guys were really its best content.
    Thanks for everything, wishing you guys the best regardless of your next career decisions.

  2. Love you guys, cannot wait to see what's next for you! Hopefully we can keep enjoying your show at The Ringer, but I cannot believe the "Stephen Currrrry, is driving me crazy!" guy didn't make it into the best moments!!

  3. What will it take to get these guys to The Ringer? Step1: Move them to LA, not just 4 but probably JD and Matt too. Step 2: Ringer might have to get increased studio space to accommodate the Starters. Step 3: Work out the massive overlap they already have with Ringer content.

    That's a lot and I don't really see that happening.

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