MVP Finalist: Russell Westbrook

Check out season highlights of 2016-17 MVP finalist Russell Westbrook! The winners for these awards will be revealed on the same night for the first time during the inaugural NBA Awards on TNT, which will be hosted by platinum-selling recording artist Drake on Monday, June 26 (9 p.m. ET) live from Basketball City in New York.

48 thoughts on “MVP Finalist: Russell Westbrook

  1. I think it is more of a drive stand point, out of the 3 finalists kawhi has the better team, who consistently make the playoffs, kawhi is a good player but when you are on a better team you have more other players to look to. James Harden is a ok player, he can put up a good shot, but he does have other people on his team that can do some work for him, the Rockets are ok but defense kills him. Now Russell Westbrook is my favorite player, he has a lackluster team that are not very consistent without him. Westbrook is a all star player, so are the others but he has been a force to be reckoned with in the league the last two seasons, I was a huge okc fan last year and I knew there was no way that he was going to retire with an MVP

  2. am I the only one who thinks russ is a bit over hyped. not saying he's bad it's just people give him too much attention and forget other good players too

  3. Salty ass Spurs Fans and Rockets fans disliking the video. Get over it faggots. Westbrook had he most votes and therefore he will win. I even have an article showing. He almost averaged a triple double last season. 24-11-8. Add 5 more points and that's harden's average. And before KD left Westbrook was KNOWN for his perimeter defense. Hell, in college he won DPOTY. Only reason he slacking on defense is so he can push the tempo by grabbing the board quickly and leading the fastbreak. He's had a hell of a season and carried a booty team. We lost KD, Ibaka, and Waiters. Despite official NBA predictions we all thought that OKC was going to be 11-9th seed, given how 2 years ago when Westbrook was carrying the team with Ibaka they fell short to making the playoffs. But no, here comes Westbrook, having the highest usage rate in the NBA yet having an improved 3 point %, having a better FG% than some of his own seasons, averaging s triple-double, leading this team to a 6th seed and pushing an explosive Houston Rockets team to a game 5, breaks and makes history, and is statistically the most efficient player in clutch time. MVP is a season award. Only ignorant dumbasses say Westbrook doesn't deserve this title.

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