MVP Finalist: Kawhi Leonard

Check out season highlights of 2016-17 MVP finalist Kawhi Leonard! The winners for these awards will be revealed on the same night for the first time during the inaugural NBA Awards on TNT, which will be hosted by platinum-selling recording artist Drake on Monday, June 26 (9 p.m. ET) live from Basketball City in New York.

22 thoughts on “MVP Finalist: Kawhi Leonard

  1. Kawhi seasons is worse than james and russ? lol they watching the spurs at home russ lost a long time ago james hardeb just got his ass kicked my kawhi himself. give this nigga his mvp.

  2. Kawhi isn't winning mvp, just put it at that. compare his season to Westbrook, harden, and even LeBron and see that LeBron and Kawhi had pretty close seasons and LeBron isn't even a finilast for MVP. this is my list
    5 Issah Thomas

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