Moses Malone’s DOMINANT 1983 Season With The Philadelphia 76ers!

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Moses Malone was brought to the Sixers in 1982 to play alongside Julius Erving, and he proved to be the right piece. Malone went on to claim the Regular Season MVP, Finals MVP, and the 1983 NBA Championship.

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21 thoughts on “Moses Malone’s DOMINANT 1983 Season With The Philadelphia 76ers!”

  1. So underrated. Great footwork, amazing rebounding skills, and awareness is other worldly. Buddy could score like crazy too. his name needs to be brought up more when we’re talking about greatest PFs.

  2. #2 BECAUSE HE'S THE SHIT! Don't worry about the miss, Moses will put it away with a flush.  

    A true master of the custodial arts, a jamitor, if you will. WHERE IS GOATMENTATOR WHEN YOU NEED HIM!?

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