LeBron Fills Up the Stat Sheet VS Warriors (15p, 10r, 5a) In Just 18 Minutes! | 2018 NBA Preseason

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LeBron James put up big numbers in just 18 minutes for the Lakers in a match-up with Golden State.

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40 thoughts on “LeBron Fills Up the Stat Sheet VS Warriors (15p, 10r, 5a) In Just 18 Minutes! | 2018 NBA Preseason”

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  2. Too much hype on lebron tho, easy for him to have that stat when gsw dont have much to put up with LA even if Lakers have their full roster playing. Just sayin, bet he cant do that when GSW have Full roster playing too

  3. Lebron aint bringing L.A a ring im sorry. He in it for the money. Fuck yall fake laker fans. If yall werent with us for the past 5 years when we had a playoff drought then u aint no laker fan

  4. What is lakers last year is so different now thank you lebron king and magic johnson
    The Lakers are back !
    But please we need a legit center and powee forward make a good last trade

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