LeBron's BEST Dunks Since Joining The Lake Show!

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Take a look back at the best dunks LeBron has thrown down since becoming a member of the Los Angeles Lakers!

39 thoughts on “LeBron's BEST Dunks Since Joining The Lake Show!

  1. Damn, I remember he used to have his head over the rim. The 2009-2010 season, his bounce and athleticism was on another level. I can’t believe how great he still plays 17 seasons in his career 💪🏾💪🏾🐐

  2. There's a bad man cruising around

    In a big black limousine

    Don't let it be wrong

    Don't let it be right

    Get in his way

    You're dead in his sights

  3. Can you please stop sucking lenron's Dick? Don't get me wrong im not a hater but cmon how many more players is playing in the nba? And doing a better season? A lpt

  4. We have run out of adjectives to describe his greatness. Appreciate this man while he plays this beautiful game! As a Lakers fan, I couldn't be more happier when he chose us in the summer of '18

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