Larry Bird | 50 Amazing Assists

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Check out 50 great assists by Larry Bird.

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35 thoughts on “Larry Bird | 50 Amazing Assists

  1. Well made video! Someone should do a video on Bird trash talk & backed up with performance. That's even more amazing, and he's the only guy in the league history who can do all of this incl hitting clutch shots like tossing rocks in a huge pond, & trash talk. His mind must see plays in extremely slow motion. Just incredible.

  2. Russell 11-1, Jones 10-1, Havlicek 8-0, Horry 7-0, Jordan 6-0, Pippen 6-0, Kareem 6-4, Rodman 5-1, Duncan 5-1, Kobe 5-2, Magic 5-4, Shaq 4-2, Parker 4-1, Manu 4-1, Steph 3-1, Klay 3-1, Bird 3-2, McHale 3-2, Wade 3-2, Worthy 3-4, Bron 3-6, Olajuwon 2-1, KD 2-1, Isiah 2-1, Pau 2-1, Ray 2-2, Bosh 2-2, Wilt 2-4, Big O 1-1, Pierce 1-1, KG 1-1, Billups 1-1, Dirk 1-1, Kawhi 1-1, Moses 1-2, Drexler 1-2, Kidd 1-2, Sheed 1-2, Kyrie 1-2, Dr J 1-3, Love 1-3, West 1-8 #FinalsRecords🐐

  3. And that's another point. Just wait until the PED allegations come to the forefront. What are all you Lewhine fans gonna say then? It might take awhile….1 year, 2 years…5 years after his career is done. The truth always finds a way.

    Remember this post when LEMEDIA decides to wring every last bit of fame out of the Golden Goose. They are going to turn on him and his PED use will hit the headlines like the fuckin Hindenburg. It'll be worse than Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds put together.

    Enjoy the success of your boy while you can…because all of it will be crashing down like buildings in an 8.9 earthquake sooner or later.


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