KNICKS vs CAVALIERS | Fantastic Finish In Cleveland | February 11, 2019

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The Cavaliers led wire-to-wire and by as many as 17 points as they defeated the Knicks tonight in Cleveland by a final score of 107-104. Collin Sexton led the Cavaliers with 20 points (7-21 FG), to go with 3 assists, while Larry Nance, Jr. recorded 15 points (5-6 FG), 16 rebounds and 4 assists in the victory. Kadeem Allen registered a new career-high with 17 points (10-16 FG), to go with 3 rebounds and 6 assists to lead the Knicks, while DeAndre Jordan tallied 12 points (5-7 FG), 10 rebounds and 2 assists in the losing effort. The Cavaliers improve to 12-45 with the win, while the Knicks fall to 10-46 on the season with their 17th consecutive loss, the longest single-season losing streak in franchise history.

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31 thoughts on “KNICKS vs CAVALIERS | Fantastic Finish In Cleveland | February 11, 2019

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  2. How n the fuk can u have a team that u can ride w/ when there’$ such a high turn around rate of players shifting from team to team – where is the loyalty/commitment/trust/honor/integrity/dignity/discipline n the nba – what’s wrong w/ the lakers, Celtics, Detroit, rockets & the like of the 80’s when a team was a family when u knew that team like the back of ur hand & everybody showed up every night to play for more than just a god damn check, but for fucking pride in their team n their city & to show the opponents who was the bad ass of that mutha fuxin night – now players jumping from team to team like whores jumping in & out of bed w/ the dude or chick w/ the biggest bankroll of the moment

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