Kevin Love Drops 32 Points and Grabs 12 Rebounds in Game 1! | May 17, 2017

Kevin Love comes up huge for the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 32 point 12 rebound performance. Love’s big time contributions helped to power the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 117-104 game one victory.

34 thoughts on “Kevin Love Drops 32 Points and Grabs 12 Rebounds in Game 1! | May 17, 2017

  1. Love can be the best 3rd best option in the league if he keeps this up. Very amazing how much depth the Cavs can have. They're winning in 4 without a doubt.

  2. That second to last dribbling sequence by Kyrie had to be the greatest ugliest moves I've ever seen.You know you're good when you completely fuck up and still split the D and get an assist.

  3. This is the beauty of the cavs. So many weapons that can go off any game. Besides lebron , jr, korver, love, Kyrie and Frye can all have big scoring games. Even Tristan Thompson can have those high rebound, double digit scoring games.

  4. coach Lue has to do a better job with KLove, when he plays like this he is the secret weapon. When Klove plays like this, no1 be stopping te cavs, no1. We all know Lebron will perform anytime anyday anyway, so concentrete on KLove. give him more looks, he gets the miss matches every game but they don't feed him enough in the right positions.

    Klove could be easily avging 22-12 from now on, till the ring. No1 @ the Celtics or GSW can guard him. Asuming Draymond is gonna try to guard Lebron. (TRY, YEAH L0L )

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