Kevin Durant Postgame Interview | Warriors vs Rockets Game 1

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Kevin Durant speaks with the media following a 119 – 106 Game 1 victory over the Houston Rockets.

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33 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Postgame Interview | Warriors vs Rockets Game 1”

  1. The same people that said the Rockets would win the series are now saying "KD ruined the NBA" because they deep down know the Rockets have no chance LMAO haters gone hate.

  2. Teams could beat Duncan Spurs, Boston Big 3 or Lebron Miami…

    Kevin Durant, with his weak move, killed the NBA: Nobody can beat these Warriors, if healthy!

    This is why Kawhi and Lebron need to play together (SAS, Cleveland, Philly or LA)!

  3. No one is beating the Warriors they have four of the best players in the world on the same team add to that they have the best system they are unbeatable .

  4. Well Rockets fans you just watched your team get exposed. #1. Harden and Paul have been carrying bums all season long and it's finally caught up to them when they play a good team. #2. Anyone that knows basketball will know that Mike Dantoni coached teams over the years have ZERO success in the playoffs. His style of play and Harden and Paul playing one on one with everybody watching is a recipe for failure. Not to mention attempting 3s on a consistent basis with players who shoot a medium or low percentage #3. GS has to many weapons and HOU defense is overrated and can't disrupt their passing and flow. In conclusion, this series might be over in 5 and Harden and Paul will ONCE AGAIN finish another season without a championship ring and give us extra awful commercial. JUST ACCEPT THE FACTS ROCKET FANS.

  5. Yeah I know I'm here surrounded by fire cause KD played so well tonight. Man, he is so great I gotta say, BUT it's so EASY to be that focused and prepared WHEN YOU KNOW you got Klay, Steph, Dray, Iggy, Shaun, Javale, West etc. AND you know someone's gonna go off and defensively they are one of the tightest in the league. It is just too much, how are they assembled this way? This definitely isn't fair, CRY CRY… Well, I guess that's the way it is, now deal with it, until someone comes and dethrones this filthy animals.

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