Julius Erving: “The Stage”

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The NBA Finals are the ultimate stage. Legendary champion Julius Erving (Dr. J) knows all about delivering unforgettable and jaw-dropping performances. But when it’s over, there’s only one thing that matters.

33 thoughts on “Julius Erving: “The Stage”

  1. JuLLius Lerving is a bum ass overrated media hype piece of trash. Aba playing ass bum, all he did was dunk until he fell off and was carried to a championship. This guy is pathetic. Not even worthy of hall of fame. This bum ass nigga actually be put in top 5s of all time like nigga what???

  2. Dr J the greatest player of all time!! jordan wanted to emulate him and was known then as the intern…. magic started his career visiting the doctor in philly. the doctor is the only player to be chosen as all time 5 in both the 70s and the 80s. 16 years of excellence. there will never be another Dr J…

  3. Dr J, Dr J; gliding to the basket for a Finesse layup; Or slamming it down on a defender; After that we All remembered him; He's the First in the NBA known for the J; Second to none!, ring on the finger; just for show; But wait…. Dr. J was the Original Show; Dr J, Dr J

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