Joel Embiid's Best 25 Career Plays!

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As we celebrate Joel Embiid’s 25th birthday, let’s take a look at the best 25 plays of his career so far!

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32 thoughts on “Joel Embiid's Best 25 Career Plays!

  1. I personally find his celebrations kinda lame (especially when he scores a basket after getting fouled)😂

    I'm a big time fan of his interesting personality as well as plays using his amazing athletic/footwork skills, though.

  2. This dude is the modern day Hakeem but this list is SERIOUSLY flawed. It's nothing but shock and awe dunks and blocks. This only had 2 post plays. His Hakeem-like shake, and making the fake on Deandre Jordan. Happy Bday big man, this list doesn't do you justice💯

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