Giannis Antetokounmpo & Donovan Mitchell ELECTRIFY The Crowd In Utah | March 2, 2019

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Donovan Mitchell recorded a career-high 46 points (15-32 FG, 19 points in the 4th quarter) as the Jazz defeat the Bucks, 115-111 tonight in Milwaukee. Mitchell’s 46 points are also the most scored by a member of the Jazz this season. Derrick Favors added 23 points to go with 18 rebounds in the game for the Jazz, while Giannis Antetokounmpo tallied 43 points (15-26 FG), 14 rebounds and 8 assists for the Bucks in the losing effort. With the win, the Jazz improve to 36-26 on the season while the Bucks fall to 48-15.

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50 thoughts on “Giannis Antetokounmpo & Donovan Mitchell ELECTRIFY The Crowd In Utah | March 2, 2019

  1. Idk if maybe I haven't watched enough games but Gobert doesn't seem like a FANTASTIC rim protector , don't get me wrong he's not horrible but I don't see a DPOY flair in him from this season

  2. Pat can sit dude sucks some of the bucks bench players don’t even deserve a championship in my book like dj/ brown there trash I hate when Giannis leaves the game I mean u see the way we started

  3. that last play they gave donovan too much time to think and make the shot instead of pressurising him. Giannis shld have been on him
    giannis still needs to grow defensively its gonna take some more time for him to truly be gr8.

  4. Maybe Gobert should stop falling?
    Edit: And jumping highest, and in general, let the defense improve (although he needs to raise all his skills)
    To stop Yannis, he was scared to even just jump (he ran up, seemed to decide to jump, but he was scared and decided that he could do something with his hand)
    I understand that playing so more time is hard, but if he couldn't do that, he isn't NBA player more! (I think like that for all players, not only for him, but in this highlights only he's showing bad game)

  5. Mean while somewhere in isolated world .. Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball are still wondering "how the fuck we got picked as #2 … we are USELESS" !!!!! … lmao !!!

  6. Wow, watch Rudy in the paint against any other team and he commands the floor. DPOY Giannis makes him look like a totally different player. 😲 That's MVP

  7. That boy Giannis played great, and then the fourth quarter came and instead of trying to find his teammates, trade layups for Donovam Mithcell three balls – PG is the MVP

  8. Two Mamba Mentality inspired players. Kobe Bryant has so much influence in the league, Mitchell used to dislike Kobe until he grew up too lol. This league is in great hands when LeBron retires.

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