Full Game Recap: Cavaliers vs Lakers | Kuzma Scores 29 Points

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The Cavaliers defeated the Lakers, 101-95 tonight in Los Angeles. Cedi Osman led the Cavaliers with 20 points (8-17 FG) and 8 rebounds, while Alec Burks tallied 17 points and 13 rebounds. The Lakers were led by Kyle Kuzma who finished with 29 points (11-23 FG) and 9 rebounds, as Lonzo Ball added 13 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists in the losing effort. With the win the Cavaliers improve to 9-35, while the Lakers fall to 23-21 on the season.

23 thoughts on “Full Game Recap: Cavaliers vs Lakers | Kuzma Scores 29 Points

  1. Yet some 2 idiots (Lonzo and cocky Kuzma) continue to think that they can do better WITHOUT Lebron. These fools have no idea how stupid they now look, esp competing against one of the worst teams in the Eastern conference (Cavs). Im glad they lost. Obviously they r GARBAGE without King James.

  2. So basically magic wanted the lakers with bron to be different than it was with the cavs but now it just turns out that they are a worse version of the cavs in a harder conference. Bron ,are a mistake

  3. For everyone talking shit about Lebron this n lebron that keep in my this man left a team that was below average for another one he didn't that the cheap way out like that bitch Kevin Durant did

  4. Luke has to be fired period point blank!! His personality is too laid bac to coach this new laker team vs the previous team he had, and even then he were still questionable, this laker team not only have arguably the best player in the league, but also has very nice complimentary veterans who can help most contending teams! There's no way this cav team should be out playing lakers young core @ home smh, and what makes it even worse is the fact their message before the game was not to take this cavs team lightly!😠 luke should be fired later on today he just isn't the right coach!!✊

  5. This, I'm going through the motions, play style is not going to end well. The young core has not gotten any better other than Kuz. Ingram hit his peak last year. I never was sold on Ball in the first place. Magic chose the wrong young core to keep or draft.

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