EVERY Michael Jordan Dunk Contest Dunk! 1985, 1987, 1988

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On his 55th birthday and All Star Saturday Night, we take a look back to Michael Jordan’s dunk contest dunks from all 3 of his appearances!

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26 thoughts on “EVERY Michael Jordan Dunk Contest Dunk! 1985, 1987, 1988

  1. I wonder what score people would get if they did one of these dunks this year? Seems like they have to do more than just jump nowadays. Whatever happened to a good old rock the baby dunk

  2. That 0:23 Rookie MJ dunk is Impossible and defies the laws of gravity literally. MJ cuff dunks from the other side floating backwards and half cradles it. This is like 60 points on the scale of 50. Beyond perfect dunk.

  3. That 0:08 Rookie Windmill-reverse-kiss the rim trio cocktail of a dunk is a perfect 50 too. These dunks are absolutely impossible if your hands are not massive and fingers and wrists thick and strong. These are GOAT special dunks. He is the only one who can attempt them let alone completing them.

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