Enhanced Condensed Game Trial – Boston vs Washington

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We’re in the lab experimenting with new ways to present condensed games. With the help of player tracking & artificial intelligence, we’re looking to give fans more stats and information with a new-look way to watch in addition to the traditional broadcast.

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29 thoughts on “Enhanced Condensed Game Trial – Boston vs Washington”

  1. This is amazing, please keep doing these. Also, give us the names of the defenders while you're at it. You don't need to defensive advanced stats, but it is interesting to see where the assignments are and who's guarding the big scorers.

  2. NBA got sick of youtubers doing a better job at putting out condensed highlights and had to flex. Hey atleast it looks good. Now work on uploading quicker, thats the real advantage the youtubers have.

  3. It looks cool and i think the only thing you need to do is to upload quicker because you seem have a quite disadvantage on who uploads earlier btw good work im loving what you did here

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