Coming Attractions: Derrick Rose

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Check out this feature on Derrick Rose as he narrates his own “movie trailer”.

40 thoughts on “Coming Attractions: Derrick Rose

  1. does anyone know what brand of jacket hes wearing at 37sec? its the white jacket with stars on the sleeves, with 'freedom' at the top and 'live free or die' at the bottom. you can get a better view of it in his 'life and dreams' interview on youtube

  2. Proud to be a fan when he was just starting then on 2008 on his 1st draft pick i knew it he was gonna be the mvp on 2011 and now he's absolutely unstoppable, humble & great. Really fast don't lie. I'm proud to be i'm from Chicago. Awesome… Rose i'm ur #1 fan! Beat the heat tomorrow.

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