Coach Of The Year Finalists

Take a look at the Final Three Nominees for the NBA’s coach of the year award. The winners for these awards will be revealed on the same night for the first time during the inaugural NBA Awards on TNT, which will be hosted by platinum-selling recording artist Drake on Monday, June 26 (9 p.m. ET) live from Basketball City in New York.

23 thoughts on “Coach Of The Year Finalists

  1. I would say the coach of they year would have to go to Erik Spoelstra. Didn't have wade, didn't have bosh, but yet still turned everything around considering the players on the team this season. They also ended the season at .500 as well

  2. Look at Housten Rockets last year and this year. He who made changes. The playoff, embarrassing Westbrook, took a risk for changing Harden position. Damn he's so underrated. Coach Mike.

  3. Between Greg and Eric imo. Eric with 0 all stars started 11 and 33 and finished with .500. Greg is greg. The way he countered the red hot rockets was phenomenal

  4. Why Spoelstra Should Win COTY: He turned a team with a ton of D-League players, in to a .500 team. At the beginning of the year (when they started 11-30) all the players were trying to find their spot on the team. They were all figuring it out. But Erik Spoelstra turned that around and they started winning. They shared the same record as a playoff team and had a 30-11 record after the All-Star Break!

  5. Anyone who says Heat didn't even make the playoffs means Spoelstra shouldn't even be a finalist no nothing about the Heat and everything they went through. They were a bunch of d-league players. And a whole lot of injuries throughout the entire season.

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