Cavs Sink NBA Finals-Record 24 Treys in Game 4 Win

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Kyrie Irving hit seven 3-pointers, Kevin Love hit six, J.R. Smith hit five and LeBron James hit three treys as the Cleveland Cavaliers caught fire in Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals, pouring in a Finals-record 24 threes. The Cavs broke the mark of 18 set in Game 2 of the series by the Golden State Warriors, and came just one shy of the NBA all-time postseason-high of 25.

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44 thoughts on “Cavs Sink NBA Finals-Record 24 Treys in Game 4 Win”

  1. Cavs fans dont respond to GS making comments on it being rigged. Its pointless, they need to find a reason for the loss and they will fail to reason with Facts. PS with a team that stacked its just pathetic to blame the refs, the team has the most firepower in NBA history get outa here XD

  2. im really proud of how they showed up last night. it was cool seeing d wade there, im still really disappointed that lebron left him hanging after he left the heat with intentions to play for cleveland . i lost so much respect for james when i found out he wasnt willing to give up any of his money to bring his brother on board. if he ever wants to win another championship, he's going to have to be unselfish & give up some money to bring in more weapons like gs did.

  3. Kevin Love is so underrated, maybe he doesnt contribute as much as Kyrie ans LeBron but his presence definitely helps. I think he was right to call them the Big 3.

  4. ZaZa avoided ejection with the low blow, Draymond avoided being tossed after he socked Shumpert not to mention Warriors SHOT MORE FREE THROWS! There were bullshit calls on BOTH SIDES! SMH GS fans make me fucking sick man! Y'all only scream 'rigged ' when shit goes against you! I didn't hear none of y'all scream rigged when they came back from 3-1 on OKC last year! Y'all only bitch an moan when shit goes AGAINST U!

  5. LOL at all these salty, fucking entitled, bratty Golden State "fans". Ya because Kyrie's backcourt violation is the reason your team lost by 20+ points right? That's why Steph Curry got shut down and shot a terrible % right? NOTHING was more atrocious about the reffing that night than Draymond ONCE AGAIN getting preferred treatment and not getting ejected like he should have been. So stop crying about it because your arguments STILL don't explain why GS got wrecked. I'm not even from Cleveland nor am I once bit devoted to their sports teams. I just know a salty little brat when I see one.

  6. I don't understand why warriors fans gotta blame the refs. Like bruh, they get away with hurting people and bs calls, if the refs are to blame, they help them win really.

  7. Anyone else sensing Super Saiyan Lebron coming out in the next 3 games?

    IF, and a big IF, Cavs win this series, is James undoubtedly better than Jordan?

  8. Beat em at their own game! No way I see the Cavs coming back from this deficit, but at least they made it more interesting, and putting 24 threes on GS is just adding insult to injury.

  9. The funny thing is the Cavs were open on majority of these shots that's what happens when you move the ball around which the Cavs haven't been doing. Warriors have no one to blame but themselves. The Cavs earned this win. People wanna talk about refs helping the Cavs this game but I recall in games 1&2 where there was some real suspect officiating helping the Warriors out so save the bullshit. How do you get two techs but one magically disappears & you stay in the game? Now that's cheating lol

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