Cavs Drain 9 Threes in The First Quarter | May 21, 2017

The Cavs were on fire in the first quarter knocking down 9 three pointers, the most by any team in any quarter in the 2017 Playoffs so far.

50 thoughts on “Cavs Drain 9 Threes in The First Quarter | May 21, 2017

  1. My nigga Bron Bron choked hard as fuck. Nigga 11 points in 45 minutes doe? He got out scored by literally everyone in the starting 5, including J.R. Smith . I'm mentally defeated my niggas lol

  2. Everyone calm down! Cleveland needed to be smacked for one game. Consider it a wake-up call. In other words, they know they can't play sloppy and still win all the time. Cavs in 5.

  3. I realize there will be a lot of haters and trolls talking about the Cavs. But I would like to specifically single out LeBron because he is the reason for this loss. First, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and to an extent JR Smith played great tonight. First, I am impressed by TT's rebounding and heart. Kevin Love has been great the entire series. Kyrie, again, showing that he is the closer on this team. And JR hit a big three to tie the game 108-108. Now, onto LeBron. THIS IS WHY HE IS NOT THE GOAT. He played tentative, passive and overall did not show me ANY HEART OR PASSION. He did not take a single shot in the final minutes of the game and handed the ball over continuously to his players as if he gave up. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE KILLER INSTINCT THAT THE GOAT HAS TO HAVE. I don't care about his point total. I care about his effort and his lack of shots/smart shots. LeBron, you will never be the GOAT.

  4. Cavs blew a 21 point lead, 21, the series is 2-1. The cavs will blow a 2-1 lead against the celtics just like they blew a 2-1 lead in the finals against the warriors

  5. Cavs blew a 21pt lead w/ a team without their best player. And their supposed to play the warriors? Dont even start with "giving them a chance" reason. Heard that before cavs fans…

  6. I swear yall niggas gonna be salty af after Lebron beats the Celtics, then the Warriors. this dude is already one of the greats, and that is just a fact. Not saying he's better than MJ, but he's damn close. If one bad game defined a player, than wouldn't every player "suck"?

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