Brandon Jennings Shows Out In His Return To The Bucks

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Brandon Jennings recorded 16 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds in his first game back with the Milwaukee Bucks in a 121-103 win over the Memphis Grizzlies!

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46 thoughts on “Brandon Jennings Shows Out In His Return To The Bucks”

  1. As a Wizards fan this is mind boggling , this is the same dud who shot 28% from the field with us and the reason Wall ran out of gas , he scored 7 points the entire series against Boston now him and Trey Burke balling out im pissed

  2. I balled with Brandon Jennings in 2k back in the day and thought he was a beast in real life when I saw highlights. I just looked up his stats, this nigga shoots 38.8 FG% for his career 😂He was always kinda a scrub if you look at the numbers…

  3. i was at the game where he scored 55 on golden state. oddly enough, the player i was most excited to see was steph curry… all the way back in 2009. thats right, i was a curry fan before it was cool.

  4. Jennings is that one dude who always puts in 110% when it's time to go to work to getbut sometimes when he ain't working he slips up & the NBA does a good job of keeping it low…

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