Best Plays From Draymond Green | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Before Draymond Green heads to his 5th consecutive Finals take a look at his best plays from the 1st round, Western Conference Semifinals & the Western Conference Finals!

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44 thoughts on “Best Plays From Draymond Green | 2019 NBA Playoffs

  1. I just wonder what would happen if this guy was in the other championship-caliber teams such as HOU🤔

    Who would win, GS with healthy KD or HOU with current Draymond? Capela is most likely to receive countless Alley-Oop pass from CP3, Harden and Draymond.

  2. He’s been the Warriors most important player by far. Even when KD was going off, he was the second most important guy on the team. He contributes so much at both ends. Hate the guy. But I gotta give him his props.

  3. lmao on those dumb fks bashing on green during the reg seasons. only true warriors fans know how important he is to this team. hes part of the warriors group that helped them get the1st championship ring in 40 yrs.

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