Best of Luka Doncic | 2018 NBA Preseason

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Check out some of the best highlights from Luka’s first NBA preseason!

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31 thoughts on “Best of Luka Doncic | 2018 NBA Preseason”

  1. The Wonderboy! He will be mentioned among the European greats, at the end of his career. Like Dirk Nowitzki, Drazen Pertrovic, Tony Parker, Toni Kokuc, Arvydas Sabonis, Peja Stojakovic, etc.

  2. Mavs fans should be happy about Luka. You have Dennis Smith jr. and luka doncic as backcourt, Norman Powell is actually not that bed, and you have DJ who’s gonna be your center for a couple more years I can see mavs hitting the playoffs this year

  3. Luka Doncic is Danilo Galinari before he tore his ACL. Remember Gallo was supposed to be the next great euro player. Their games are very similar and they’re almost the same size. Doncic will probably turn out to be a 20-8-7 type of guy. I see guys in the comments talking about LeBron and Bird. Stop it. He’s no where in the same universe as LeBron physically and Bird was an all time great shooter who also averaged 10 rebounds a game.

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