Avery Bradley Hits the Game Winner, Celtics Comeback in 2nd Half | May 21, 2017

The Boston Celtics go into Cleveland and pull off the upset victory. The Celtics were led by Marcus Smart (27 points and 7 assists), Avery Bradley (20 points including the game winner), and Al Horford (16 points and 6 assists.) Watch as the Celtics cut their Eastern Conference Finals series deficit to 2-1.

31 thoughts on “Avery Bradley Hits the Game Winner, Celtics Comeback in 2nd Half | May 21, 2017

  1. I have a strong feeling that Lebron has been bribed to be passive in the second half. So that the name of Celtics would not be put to shame and the Celtics would avoid a sweep. You can hear the Celtics coach praising Lebron suspiciously in the post-game despite his shallow performance.
    Anyways, Cavs in 5!

  2. First Round vs. Indiana Pacers
    Game 1 : 32pts,6rebs,13asts
    Game 2 : 37pts,2rebs,2asts
    Game 3 : 41pts,13rebs,12asts
    Game 4 : 33pts,10rebs,4asts

    Second Round vs. Toronto Raptors
    Game 1 : 35pts,10rebs,4asts
    Game 2 : 39pts,6rebs,4asts
    Game 3 : 35pts,8rebs,7asts
    Game 4 : 35pts,9rebs,6asts

    Eastern Conference Finals vs Boston Celtics
    Game 1: 38pts, 9rebs, 7asts
    Game 2: 30pts, 4rebs, 7asts

    But sure lets criticize him for this one game.
    After some great nights, eventually you're going to have a off night.

  3. Adam Silver(calls Lebron): Yo! Bron. I need your help.
    Lebron: Whats up hommie?
    Silver: Listen you guys are beating the shit out of Celtics. This series is becoming too boring. We are losing viewers and I'm losing money.
    Lebron: Hey it's not ma fault Celtics are a bunch of weakass pussies. What da ell can I do bout it?
    Silver: Bron I need a favor. I want you to make this series interesting. You need to lose at-least one game. Please I'll owe you one.
    Lebron: Ok maan. But remember this favor becuz i'll need your help in da finals against da warriors.
    Sliver: Don't worry man. I got your back covered just like last year.

  4. It's just one lost and A. Bradley that shot was pure luck! Sit your garbage ass down wit dat boy. King Lebron and the NBA let you win. Like when I let my son bet me in 2K17. This is good for the sport. Everybody know who gonna win the series. Celtics are done after this. KD better shut up and get ready for the King, cause he is coming for that ass.

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