2017 Western Conference Champions: Golden State Warriors | May 22, 2017

The Golden State Warriors are the 2017 Western Conference Champions! They won the series 4-0 against the San Antonio Spurs. Check out their celebration!

31 thoughts on “2017 Western Conference Champions: Golden State Warriors | May 22, 2017

  1. All the people saying what do you expect, they're supposed to win makes me laugh because you don't know shit about basketball. Assist to FG ratio, whole team in attack mode off the ball, team defense and communication -/ this team plays the genius IQ game and yes there is talent but much more than that. I mean popovich said it but I guess you Youtube bitches know more about hoops than pop lol

  2. uhh warriors and cavs again third straight year the nba has to do something about this the finals aren't entertaining anymore same story over and over

  3. I'm totally convinced that if Tony Parker & Kawhi Leonard never got hurt, the Spurs would've murked the Warriors in 5 games but instead, it will be LeBron and company shitting down their throats yet again in the NBA FINALS, as he makes Durant his BITCH once again on his way to chip #4, starting next thursday night on ABC !

  4. whether they would have won the series with or without leonard is immaterial – the plain fact is, zaza deliberately targeted him, probably under direction (expendable), and in doing so, brought the whole warriors franchise down to a gutter level. what a pack of fucken dogs.

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