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Why Stephen A. is rooting for the Cowboys vs. Seattle…(no, really!) | Stephen A. Smith Show

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Stephen A. Smith explains why he wants the Dallas Cowboys to win their NFC Wild Card game vs. the Seattle Seahawks. He also details what that would mean in the next round against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
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44 thoughts on “Why Stephen A. is rooting for the Cowboys vs. Seattle…(no, really!) | Stephen A. Smith Show

  1. Stop bashing JG & SL in the middle of Texas Live to try and get on the fans good side. You're a snake. Get back on your meds!! Oh…by the way…JG out coached Carroll!!

  2. Hey Stephan a smith. Seahawks only had a total of 73 rushing yards including Russel Wilson's 14 yard rushing yards and 3 more rushers! And dallas had a total of 164 and Zeke had 134 of the rushing yards and Dak har 29 rushing yards. More rushing yards than russel. And dak had a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. And he had 7 yards less of passing yards than russel. So he ain't to far behind Russel but I bet Stephan a Smith will never give the respect dak deserves. O well this is his 7th game wrong about dallas. And yes I no what he is going to say. "Yes dallas cowboys will beat there self's and choke next game like always". Hahaha the jokes on you buddy cause that's all you can say and wish for just cause you have downed dallas every game. And now hes starting to go for dallas cause he sees how ignorant and how unprofessional he looks.

  3. Lol the Seahawks were berated so much about running the ball that they mainly only ran that ball the whole game with only a few passes. Might’ve had a better chance but oh well. Good luck Dallas

  4. Stephen… bro you better stop. First of all you're a hater. I know because you trash talk with this other guy and I'll go back and forth for media attention. You're a good sports analysis. But I've actually heard you hey on the Cowboys you're a cowboy hater and I'm going to have to call you out. And now you trying to jump on the bandwagon because they went in and all of a sudden you going to be like oh you'll Cowboy fan to you better stop lying. I can't believe you getting on TV online people selling your soul away just for a bunch of fans. When I honestly Terrell musicians and artists who are famous and we'll know. We watch and Reid were actually smart. And you need to Analyze This you're fake and you need to get off the gas and don't ever try to jump on the cowboy bandwagon winning streak when you know deep down inside your soul when you go home at night you're a real cowboy hater will talk have a good day

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