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Why making Paul Pogba captain won't fix Manchester United's problems | Premier League

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ESPN FC’s Ian Darke, Sid Lowe, Alejandro Moreno, Shaka Hislop and Sebastian Salazar delve into the reports that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United are ready to make Paul Pogba the Red Devils’ captain. The crew agree that Pogba has yet to show strong leadership ability during his time at Old Trafford and believe this may be a ploy to prevent the France World Cup winner from seeking a transfer. Lowe discusses the chances that Pogba will go to the Santiago Bernabeu during the summer transfer window after the star midfielder called Real Madrid ‘a dream club to play for.’


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28 thoughts on “Why making Paul Pogba captain won't fix Manchester United's problems | Premier League

  1. I hope Madrid get him! Having two failed players in bale and pogba on their books for the next 3 and 5 years losing 2 million a week on their salaries will be amazing and surely the end for Real Madrid! Viva Barca!

  2. Pogba & his whole agenda is the reason Mourinho got the sack. No matter the differences, a leader brings everyone 2geva. He is no role model. Sell him before he poisons the minds of what good players we have left! 👍🏽

  3. Do know what funny if pogba was English everyone all the English media and pundits they would all go crazy on him just look at rashford and lingard been a shit all season I barely hear anything about them but when they had that 2 months spell everyone was praising the fuck out of them it’s not fair pogba is our best player but still gets soo much hate ain’t fair at all

  4. Overrated Hollywood Footballer
    If these Instagram Scumbags actually Focussed on Football instead of Clothes and Cars they would achieve much more
    The reason why we haven't seen another Leo or CR7 is because almost every other generational talent gets all in these blings
    When was the last time you saw Aguero or David Silva doing some weird handshake rituals on insta posts?
    Clubs are overpaying these filthy vile entitled assholes

  5. Pogba is not suitable. He is too wrapped up in his own importance. He is too inconsistant and is more of a hindrance than a help. he should be sold.

  6. If Pogba was captain material he'd have let Mason Greenwood take that late free kick against Cardiff. Or at least squared it to Gomes to tap into the open net. Pogba only plays for himself. Give the armband to Mctominay.

  7. It is a mystery why great players and great managers cannot get Manchester United up and running….and Pogba is the perfect example…maybe it is time for him to grow up and become a man….if he has it in him, this could be his time…or maybe he will always be just a hired gun

  8. I think if anything it’s gonna make the problem worse!
    “Right lads gather round. Who wants to dye their hair or practice a handshake with me?”

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