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Who is the GOAT? Ranking History of Top 10 Men’s Tennis Players

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Top 10 ranked men’s tennis players from 1990 to 2018.


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36 thoughts on “Who is the GOAT? Ranking History of Top 10 Men’s Tennis Players

  1. Pete Sampras must have been an incredible player. Given he probably didn't have such a strong financing, nutrition supplements and team of great doctors & psychologist. Too bad I never got to see him play..

  2. The one and only goat is rafa ( his dominance at french open 11 titles +++ ) is something beyond imagination ,ONLY INJURY CAN STOP RAFA AT Roland garros ,THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY RECORD THAT WILL STAY FOR EVER , somewhere may be at 2098 people will be discussing ( what the hell was happening at french open from 2005 to 2021??) at present we are not fully aware of this record…

  3. It's entertaining to see all the delusional Nadal and Djokovic fans here. Trying to argue that Federer isn't the goat is like trying to argue that MJ, Schumacher and Mayweather aren't the goats of their respective sports.

  4. These are the facts as of 2/2019. Roger Federer is 22-25 all-time against Djokovic; Rafael Nadal is now 25-28 against him.
    Federer is 6-12 against Djokovic in finals. Nadal is now 10-15.
    So in terms of number of GS won and number of weeks as number 1, the GOAT is Federer. Nadal OWNS Federer in clay surfaces(13-2) so fair to say Nadal is the GOAT in the clay courts. For now Djokovic is the GOATS asskicker….can't beat that.

  5. Anyone who answer anybody other than Federer simply do not understand what they are looking at. CONSISTENCY this is what ever athlete strives for and what Roger has demonstrated for over 20 years. Novak can 'possibly' have a chance at challenging this title from Federer if he plays perfectly for the next 2-3 years, however this is not what we have seen from him so far. He is very inconsistent and injury prone in addition to this he is now at the tail end of his career. The main point to take home; if Novak retired TODAY he would at best be remembered as the 3rd greatest player of all time.

  6. It's incredible how Rios did so good despite all the injuries he had and how messy his life was, not training enough, drinking like a sailor, partying like a crazy, etc. He was a raw talent, almost nobody could have achieved what he achieved under those circumstances.

  7. Roger is the one and will always be the greatest maestro of all in terms of taking tennis to new heights and attracting the crowd to the stadiums. Rest are just tennis players who are either chasing his records while emulating him. Djoker is the best example he wanna take Roger’s place but will never ever be able to. It’s almost impossible for the rest to be a celebrity who can generate 300 million dollars per year outside tennis for his stardom. Even Ronaldo and Lebron couldn’t do it.

  8. And all those weak era retards listen up Roger uplifted his game above the rest alike Nadal in 2009 and Djoker in 2011. It’s not Roger’s fault that the whole world couldn’t create a player who could stop him from winning. It’s really easy to criticize someone while sitting on your ass and be a coward keyboard warrior. Fed, Nadal and Joker and have made the era look weak in their prime even Murray did for a while too. Rog is an all rounder and have won the slams multiple times on so many surfaces instead of one and Djoker comes next.

  9. As with Seles (in the other vid) Lendl became an US citizen later, so fantastic video, but let's not make everyone American by default, no? Lendl competed as an American only from 1992 from what I know.

  10. Definiately Federer, looking at long-term domination and kept positions in ATP, the goat of current tennis world. The only opponent for Fed is Sampras who was the goat of his times.

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