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What Does Cowboys Signing Ronnie Hillman Mean For Ezekiel Elliott? | First Take | ESPN

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The First Take crew discusses what the Dallas Cowboys signing Ronnie Hillman means for Ezekiel Elliot.

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25 thoughts on “What Does Cowboys Signing Ronnie Hillman Mean For Ezekiel Elliott? | First Take | ESPN

  1. this signing doesn't mean anything necessarily. we carried 4 backs last season and signing him make 4 again. these people just need something to talk about. smh

  2. ALWAYS follow the LOCAL news and reporters covering your favorite sports teams. Not these CLUELESS national talking heads. Hillman was signed because Jahad Thomas has a hamstring injury and can't go for the Cowboys. They need another camp body running back. Zeke isn't going to play much at all in 5 preseason games, McFadden is a ten year veteran who they are careful with and they don't want to wear out Alfred Morris. This has NOTHING to do with any looming suspension of Elliott.

  3. He did while in college? He was not employed by the NFL how the fuck can he get suspended a year later! For something he was never charged with? What the fuck is this!!! Is like me getting fired for a theft that I did in a previous job the year before! Then my new owners fire me for "moral" reason… this is just assigning shit!!

  4. transparency your lips are flapping like Obummer the most corrupt fake President in US history, who spied on the opposition and millions of Americans then hid in a fake Obummer Library during a presidential campaign!! you don't bring up what you think might have happened, but what has been ruled as fact in a court under US Law!!

  5. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing. They cut undrafted free agent Jahad Thomas who they were hoping would fill Lance Dunbar's roll as a pass catching 3rd down back to play behind Zeke and McFadden. It has absolutely nothing to do with Zeke, they already have McFadden and Morris if anything happens to Zeke. Hillman is a role player nothing more. I not even gonna bother watching the video because there is nothing educational coming out of SAS's mouth and Max is good but he's also a bias Giants fan. The title just shows typical ESPN modern day Sports "news" with it just clickbait and has zero credibility. They are like a tabloid magazine or TMZ, they are just making shit up half the time to mold a story from nothing. Fuck these cunts

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