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Watermelon Survives 45m Drop Test!! | How Ridiculous

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We couldn’t believe the surprise ending!
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A big thank you to the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us come to film at the leaning tower!! You guys are awesome.

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30 thoughts on “Watermelon Survives 45m Drop Test!! | How Ridiculous”

  1. After watching this video – I went on line to check out what Linex was and I found this advertisement from the company who sells it in NZ – great job guys – your experiment confirms this products integrity. In all my years on this earth I have never witnessed anything like it.

    Achieve high performance protection with the robust; Indestructible paint

    What do the Pentagon, truck bedliners, oil platforms in the Tasman Sea, and bulletproof vests have in common? The answer is indestructible coating. Indestructible coating is renowned as a viral sensation when a group of Australians coated a watermelon with it and dropped it from a height of 45 metres. Amazingly, not only did the watermelon not shatter, it bounced. But indestructible coating has so many more uses than fruit protection. Originally developed to protect vehicles, indestructible paint has applications in sectors from heavy industrial and agricultural to marine and offshore.

    In this article we will describe the incredible properties of indestructible coating, how to use them for your project, and where to find this powerful coating in New Zealand.

  2. U could almost compare "How Ridiculous" as the aussie version to "jackass" cause they both have creativity for their shows.  Just without them doing the crazy stunts.

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