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Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA Finals Game 2 Highlights | June 3, 2018

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NBA Finals Game 2 Highlights, enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA Finals Game 2 Highlights | June 3, 2018”

  1. Durrant the best player in the world and proving it. Clutch shots and unguardable. Getting those Ws. You can't deny greatness when getting his 2nd ring.

  2. You must be young to find today's nba exciting . you need to watch nba from about 1996 to earlier . there was way more hustle . more banging the boards . I mean there is no defense around the basket . there is no defense because of this new nba rules . offense is too easy . these two teams would go nowhere if they played like this in 1980's to the mid 1990's . guys are jerking off in this boring area offense and defense . this is sissy boring . nba must allow again tougher(physical) defense and bring back man to man defense . you need more double teaming , etc . is the god damn shot clock shorter too ?

  3. Ok so finals are set of 3 games. But are they best of three? I mean if a team have already won 2 games is it worth playing the 3rd? Do the other team still has a chance? I'm a new follower to the game please don't get mad.

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