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Vladimir Putin welcomes football fans before World Cup 2018

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has welcomed players, experts and fans to the country ahead of the World Cup. Promising to provide ‘a real celebration, filled with sporting passion and emotions’, he goes on to mention Russia’s ‘rich character’ and ‘sincere and friendly people’

30 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin welcomes football fans before World Cup 2018”

  1. You can’t see, but he’s strangling a Siberian tiger with his right hand, a grizzly bear with his left, all while crushing a watermelon between his knees.

  2. Sounds promising and peaceful to all mankind, Putin's short but strong enough speech of a Russian philanthropist. But I want more, a human race who lives on a higher moral standard where the eating of meat is banned and where all warm blooded beings have the same right to life in peace and harmony. And I want him to get out the way so some sharp shooter could have a clean shot at that bloody red star up there, see it fall off that house's spiked roof. Ti Putine znaš šta ti je naredjeno, zato bolje budi poslušan da te nebi dohvatijo. 😉

  3. Arsenal fans made some great comments about their visit to Russia and I have visited Ekateringberg and Russian people are very very friendly, crime is low and when the police do get involved they sort it out fast. Do not listen to what you hear from the media – Russia is a great country, cultutrd, mature and very friendly. As an England fan cannot wait.

  4. thank you president Putin. As an englishman who dislikes my corrupt countrys government I am for a happy world cup and appreciate your kind welcome and would love to visit your wonderful country and meet the people like others amongst my close family and friends have. I wish it was easy to leave here as my friiend is married and spends much time learning russian language and culture. we are for tommy Robinson and dont like the way our government is run or its foreign policy and lies. so I am respectfully asking you to try to.keep this world peaceful at this time as many of us here feel the same way as I do. god bless you and I hope this world cup is remembered as a world cup that brings us together as people in love and lasting peace understanding truth and in gods name I ask this.

  5. Look at all the Soros bots bitching and moaning about Russia hosting the World Cup. I’m sure it will be a great success and Russia will shine.

    From the US: Best of luck to the Russian team. We will be pulling for you.

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