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Vera Zvonareva vs. Daria Kasatkina | 2019 St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy Quarterfinal

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28 thoughts on “Vera Zvonareva vs. Daria Kasatkina | 2019 St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy Quarterfinal

  1. Man was really hoping for big things from Daria. Really thought she and Osaka would be duking it out for grand slams! But Daria seems to be in a serious slump falling out of the top 10. She is way to talented to be slumping like this. Osaka has really surged a head of her which like I said really surprises me…not that Osaka is winning slams cause I thought she would be…but that Daria and Osaka would be winning competitive combo that at this point is really not happening.

  2. Good to see Vera playing. Was never really a huge fan of hers but definitely love watching her play now as she’s been through so much in life. I hope that she can remain healthy her game still seems to be there just needs the body to cooperate 👍🏾👍🏾

  3. Daria's forehand setup well enough for big hitters to punish. It might look beautiful but it can easily get destroyed. Many people call her more talented than naomi. I rather have naomi's weapons to win than beautiful pushing! Plus people talk about modern women field which is deep but i always maintained 2000s top players were better. Here it is another example!

  4. Reconfirmation of her problem this season, likes of Garcia or Ostapenko etc.
    Unknown is what's going wrong with her?! Anyway, for headacye of her team, this might last long, months, for sure. Mental fatigue suspected. Shame, but this would be a necessary process to go through. Such a talented player that all that we can do is to wait. She, too. Day by day with patience! Not a single win 2019 so far …
    Congrats Vera! Makarova, Goerges & here, another good win. Good luck in her home turf!

  5. Well these WTA girls have absolutely no way to hold their serve. Serving endless cotton serve and get punished in their own service games, with endless mutual break of serve…..sigh what level of serve are we seeing here from supposed professionals

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