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UFC 235: Robbie Lawler Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

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At the UFC 235 post-fight press conference, Robbie Lawler discusses the controversial stoppage against Ben Askren, nearly finishing Lawler earlier, Askren’s wrestling, what he wants next and more.


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21 thoughts on “UFC 235: Robbie Lawler Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

  1. Let's be honest here… Without that stoppage, Askren woulda got his ass sent straight back to the B-league. Damn.. what an epic "Welcome to the UFC mf" moment it could've been..

  2. I seen it all live and his arm went limp and he never gave a thumbs up …herb dean checked on him twice and if a fighter cant talk they usually motion that they were ok he didn't motion at all…I think it was a good stoppage because,this kind of thing it's tough for a ref…especially when a fighter doesnt respond a ref has just a few seconds to make a decision and in those few seconds somebody could get hurt really bad or possibly die especially in this situation robbie didnt repsond at all and being choked and cutting off the air to somebody's brain for to long can result in death…choke looked deep,ben was really cranking on it and it did look like robbie arm went limp

  3. Herb Dean man, one of the greatest refs ever but sometimes he just not in the zone. Out of all the fights to screw up in he does it during the Lawler fight? I hate my life.

  4. Im thinking robbie wasnt completely "cut off" but getting only about 5 percent of the oxygen to his brain..and that little bit was enough to make him bounce back quickly when released

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