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UFC 235 Post-Fight Press Conference: Tyron Woodley

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42 thoughts on “UFC 235 Post-Fight Press Conference: Tyron Woodley

  1. I agree it's not about being undefeated Tyron Woodley is still one of the greatest of all time in the welterweight division regardless of the loss he did his thing for a long time but with that being said we all know Dana I hate Tyron Woodley White is happy and celebrating with that hot Asian lol

  2. He doesn't deserve a rematch it was a one sided match you snowflakes. Hes going to have to fight 1 or 2 agian before the title shot. He got his ass handle to him end of story.

  3. Patient ? Usman was Patient ? no excuses, but still sounds that ya all know, come down wtf……at least at a loss u Need to come down, stop that high rollin… your words: youre better in all aspects, yeah we could see that and still these arrogance, u deserved that asswhoopin with ur "after all that u give still a shit, your the goat" attitude.

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