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UFC 235: Dana White Event Recap

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Hear from UFC President Dana White after a great night of fights at UFC 235.

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27 thoughts on “UFC 235: Dana White Event Recap

  1. Lawler lost and regained consciousness within seconds. Lawler won't recall losing consciousness, but his arm told a different story. Askren won and Dean was right to end the fight. White saying it was a bad decision and that the fight needs to be booked again is stupid.

  2. If Herb tried all the "different ways" Dana says there are to check if lawler was out, and he really was he would have been killed. When a ref sees a fighter in a choke of one of the best wrestlers in mma, and your arm flops to the ground like lawlers arm did you would me crazy to not stop the fight. A bit of a dick move from Dana s to throw Herb under the bus like that

  3. Snooze fest of fights,perhaps the most boring card to date. nothing exciting or in awe, cody put on a good brawl tho. Boring idiot tyron lost to an even more boring leg humper

  4. Bro hate him or love him Colby’s intensity is crazy, I don’t think woodley would have beaten Colby if Colby did the same thing as Usman. Oh well time for Tyron to move up weight classes and Ben to move up rankings shall be an interesting year and it’s only just beginning

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