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U.S. Women's National Team Sues U.S. Soccer for Discrimination | SI Now | Sports Illustrated

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The entire United States women’s national soccer team has filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation. SI legal analyst Michael McCann unpacks the players’ case and how he expects it to play out.

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42 thoughts on “U.S. Women's National Team Sues U.S. Soccer for Discrimination | SI Now | Sports Illustrated

  1. This is a joke. US mens footballers play in some of the biggest leagues in the world and when the US is in a major tournament people know who they are..No one knows the names of any female football players…Just another thing feminists are trying to ruin..

  2. I don't care if some are better skilled in their own eyes than some of the men and I don't care if they get further some years in championships. They do not deserve equal money. Nobody cares to watch their games (making advertising money) and nobody cares enough to buy tickets to their games. It's not as fun and interesting as the men's games. When they start bringing in the same revenue as men, then of course there should be no difference in pay, but if they got paid the same now without generating any profit, the league would be bankrupt in no time. What's next? Are they going to start mandating that citizens be forced to watch their games? Ridiculous! Quit crying and be grateful for what you have instead of demanding things you don't earn or deserve. BTW…. I am a woman and love to watch soccer. Well the men's games anyway. 😉

  3. This is so typical of the "me too" bullshit. If both men's and women soccer player's pay where based on the money they generated, such as in "real" life for everybody else, women are already over paid by more than double.

  4. How can you ask for more money when what you do doesn't bring in more money?
    Do these idiots not realize that nobody cares. I bet the average American citizen couldn't name one of these athletes. They play soccer for a living…..
    What a bunch of idiots.
    Edit: 😂😂😂 who the fuck is Carly Lloyd?

  5. I sympathize with the women. I think that US Soccer is going to argue that the market determines the value. I can say that there is a significant reluctance on the part of US Soccer to grow their brand. That's a shame, because I do believe that if the right people were marketing the NWSL and USWNT that they would get a lot more eyeballs, and ad revenue. They really are a great watch, for those who may not know.

  6. You know what Americans watch even less than men’s soccer? Women’s soccer. I’m a woman and am all for equality, but this frankly has nothing to do with that. It’s a matter of how much revenue each team brings in.

  7. The women's team is not better than the men's team "comparatively" or absolutely. From a mere soccer point of view they are both embarrassing. So let's compare the alleged disparity in achievement between the two genders.
    The first FIFA world cup was held in 1930, 13 teams participated and the US actually placed third. in the following 88 years soccer grew and exploded worldwide and at the last world cup in Russia 32 teams participated. The first women's world cup in 1991, had 12 teams only; the next one, 18 years later, will see 24 teams in total.
    The difference in competitiveness between the men and the women's tournaments is abyssal. The men have to compete in a world of more of a hundred years of tradition and growth. They have to compete with countries where soccer (football really) is the main sport if not the only sport. Women's soccer on the other hand is young and barely played at all outside the US.
    In other words, men's soccer has to battle with giants, while women's soccer is the tallest midget in town. And judging from the last few matches they are not going to stay the tallest for long.

  8. Whenever there's a situation where there has to be a separation due to ability, then by what logic do they feel they need equal compensation? They are just as entitled to what the men make by going and taking their spot by playing better. If anything, what's sexist is that they are even suing. Their only leg to stand on is basically "we need to get paid more because we are women" because no one would pay men at their level jack squat.

  9. these dykes need something new to complain about. childish twats getting paid more than any of us will ever make playing a lame euro trash sport, fuck them, they should be docked pay for complaining about it. fire them all and bring in players who actually want to play and be happy they get paid for it also.

  10. The women's team deserves more pay honestly, how much more they deserve is up for debate and I will admit that the manner that they are doing it is questionable.

    They are better than the men's team, and they have a huge following from both men and women supporters. The 2015 Women's World Cup final was the most watched soccer game in US television history, not the Men's World Cup, and the viewership was higher than the NBA finals and World Series that year.

    "In 2016, five members of the U.S. women's national soccer team filed a similar complaint against the U.S. Soccer Federation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. That filing noted that, despite the women's team generating nearly $20 million more revenue in 2015 than the U.S. men's team, the women are paid about a quarter of what the men earn."

    I understand that the manner that the women are doing this is less than ideal, agreeing to contacts before and now they change their minds with the 2019 World Cup a few months away. But the underlying principle that the women are better than the men, and are unfairly paid less is still an issue. Women's soccer doesn't have the same resources as men's soccer and I even agree that suing US soccer is extreme, but asking for more money with the massive results they have achieved is not the craziest thing in the world. I would argue that the men's team does not deserve to be paid as much just because they have star power. Economically, I know this would be complicated, but diverting money from men's team salaries to women's salaries is an option. I think a reason the USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup is because they got complacent and they know their future is relatively assured, pay wise. The women have almost always been fighting to prove themselves, and I think they have done a fantastic job. Again, I'm not an economics guru, but the women deserve a raise given their fantastic results relative to men.

  11. I'll never buy tickets for women's team. No need, they have (Make up party's) . Stop bitching look at basketball, baseball, hockey, American football, ect….

  12. The USWNT should get triple what the men do. These women have been a legendary and have been the greatest womens team in the world. The men are a embarrassment. I only watch the womens national team. I never watch the pathetic mens national team.

  13. The basic problem is that there's less money in the women's game. If people think its unfair then they should encourage far more people around the world to watch women play. Not long ago the US women won $2 million dollars for winning the women's World Cup out of the $15 million pot whilst the men won $9 million for just getting knocked out of last 16 teams but the pot for that men's World Cup was 40 x larger at $576 million and that's why the men earn more money. Even using viewing figures that are favorable to women they are still watched by a fifth of the numbers that watch the men's game. Nearly 1 billion people watched the 2014 men's World Cup Final vs the 86 million people around the world that watched the last women's World Cup Final. What you earn is dictated by who brings in the money, using the USWNT argument then players in MLS, or lower US Leagues could ask for more money because players in other leagues like the Premier League earn more. Its a silly argument, if you want women to earn more then support the women's league's.

  14. It's called business. Men's professional soccer fills stadiums worldwide.
    The vast majority of people watching men's footer are in fact men.
    Maybe the US women's team should be asking why stadiums arent full of boozy, rabid, singing women fans when they play?
    Why aren't women everywhere rivetted to the tv set watching women's world cup qualifiers?
    Why isn't SI stating the obvious here?

  15. Female players are more recognized than males? You don’t know if males bring in more revenue than females? That’s a load of bs. The second can be fact checked and just to let you know I have only watched male us soccer and some of the girls and guys I know watch the men’s team also.

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