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Tyson Fury – Best Moments | Recap HD

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Tyson Fury, he is a boxer who during a time of his absence in boxing has become more popular than during his active boxing career. He is a guy who does not try to look better than he really is … and who does not find it difficult to treat his fans and go to a football match with them.
In this video, I will try to tell you about how he lives, what he does, what the gypsy king Tyson Fury has achieved, and, of course, I will show you his best moments in the ring.
Narrated by Vasyl Hotsko.

5 thoughts on “Tyson Fury – Best Moments | Recap HD”

  1. I just don't get fury !! He calls AJ a fraud and makes him sound like he has stole something from fury . When the truth is AJ won the belts and is making the UK the place to be for boxing . Fury got stripped of his belts because he got caught with coke and PEDS in his system while he should of been training for the Klitschko fight , and one of the first interviews he gave after becoming world champ was , " gays are the same has pedo's , and women belong on there backs " . And gets all depressed coz the boxing world didn't like him or respect him has champion coz of the things he said . Now look all Mr nice guy and all of a sudden his mouth has a filter , ain't that strange 🤔. My opinion is he sees how the fans love AJ because of how humble , honest and real he is . Now fury is just a hater and copying what AJ is doing . Go watch all the clips before this come back if his , and watch him now be honest and tell me he ain't a fake .

  2. WOW heavyweight boxing has nose dived into what looks like a local county "Tuff-man contest".
    Can you imagine a prime Larry Holmes, Holyfield, Ali, Frazier, Iron Mike, Foreman, Lennox, Liston. Hell even guys like Mercer, Morrison, Cooney, Tua, Bowe would kick ass in this modern ''European" era.

  3. When Tyson Fury himself explained he retired bcs of drug abuse they should have given it back to Klitschko bcs I assume he was fighting Klitschko on drugs and won the title not deserving it.

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