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TU 25 Episode 6 – Part 3 – Let Me Bang

The Ultimate Fighter – Redemption season 25 episode 6 – part 3
– Let Me Bang – team garbrandt vs team dillashaw

23 thoughts on “TU 25 Episode 6 – Part 3 – Let Me Bang

  1. that was a sorry ass stop. I get that the ref is there for the protection of the fighters, but come on! he had like 20 sec! he could've survived that flurry and won because he was winning before then. smh… not happy with that stoppage, man.

  2. I will say one thing, Nijem for all that talk about being the most experienced guy and blah blah blah he kept giving his neck to lane, Julian ain't submission expertise, any other fighter would have choked him out, he needs a lot of work especially if lane gave him a run for his money, only won cause lane gassed out, not really an impressive win to be proud of

  3. Guys, when a guy is getting messed up, not defending himself, and PURPOSEFULLY spits out his mouthpiece so the ref can save his ass, that is exactly the correct place to stop.

  4. Did no one notice at the time of stoppage Ramsey had sunk in a rear naked choke? Let me bang stuck his head straight up in the air to talk to ref and Ramsey sunk it in. The fight was going to be over regardless. The only thing the ref did was not allow Ramsey to get his win without controversy….which there shouldn't even be any in the first place.

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