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Toronto Raptors vs Utah Jazz – Full Game Highlights | Oct 2, 2018 | NBA Preseason

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35 thoughts on “Toronto Raptors vs Utah Jazz – Full Game Highlights | Oct 2, 2018 | NBA Preseason”

  1. I know it's been a dry summer of no basketball but yall need to stfu. Yall extrapolating from a pre season game. The only ones giving 100% are the ones that might be cut due to roster space. Starters are explicitly told to take it easy, a 20 pt loss or 20 pt win in a pre season game dont mean ish

  2. That was a H-H-Heck of a preseason basketball game and I'll tell you one thing, I expect Utah to be a full-on problem this season and going forward. Toronto looks pretty good for this year also

  3. It’s crazy how Gobert arms are so long where even Valanciunas had to go in there with so many post moves to get a shot off. First he was getting blocked and stripped. Even Lowry had to stop and pop cause he knew not to drive in on Gobert. You literally not getting a lay up on him unless you fake him out or put your body on him and even then he can block it

  4. I’ve never hated someone or something has much has I do with the Utah Jazz I hate them so much I actually hope something bad happens to their whole team especially that number 2 guy old ass mf

  5. Both teams played terrible.

    It looked like the Toronto Trashtors didn't even want to play, and the Utah Jizz decomposed from time to time.

    This game was trash and I hope they played like this because it's pre-season, I hope I don't have to see this type of shit moving forward.

  6. 7:23 ……that's how a natural born LEADER builds confidence in his team mates. Notice how Mitchell just starts running down to the other end of the floor like the 3 pointer is good before it even LEAVES Ingles hands. Damn I love this team. Not since Stockton & Malone have a liked a Jazz team this much.

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