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Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 2

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5. The Bengals get 2 personal fouls in the same play, allowing the Steelers to kick an easy game winning FG in the 2016 AFC Wild Card game.

4. In the 2015 NFC Championship, the Packers hands-team member, Brandon Bostick, drops an onside kick recovery and the seahawks take advantage for a few late scores and an OT win.

3. Tony Romo fumbles the snap on a 19 yard field goal. The seahawks tackle him and win, 21-20.

2. Ernest Byner fumbles at the 2 yard line in the 1987 AFC Championship game, guaranteeing a win for the Broncos.

1. Scott Norwood misses a 47 yard field goal in the Super Bowl, with 8 seconds left. Commonly known as the “Wide Right” play.

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46 thoughts on “Top 5 Heartbreaking Moments in NFL History | Part 2

  1. I'm a Packers fan and I absolutely hated that NFC Championship game, hated it. It was tough to watch the Packers blow such a huge lead and then for Bostick to drop the freakin onside kick was the icing on the cake. I'm so glad he's not with the team anymore. I really hope this Sunday will be different and they don't blow another lead to Atlanta and that their defense will actually work.

  2. I guess I didn't appreciate how much better field goal kickers have gotten. 1/5 on 40+ yards?? Yikes. Not a surprise then really that he missed it. Today if were looking at that and it said 50+ yards we would still be expecting better than 1/5.

    Also hey Cleveland at least you were a few yards of holding onto the ball away from making a Super Bowl. Lions haven't come that close.

  3. A lot of people might think #2 was just a regular fumble but if you know what the city of Cleveland has gone through in terms of sports, this was absolutely heartbreaking. Thankfully to a man by the name of LeBron James, that heartbreak is no more!

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