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Tom Brady says there’s ‘zero’ chance Super Bowl LIII is his last game | NFL Countdown

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Ahead of his ninth Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sits down with ESPN’s Jeff Darlington to discuss the game and his NFL future.

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38 thoughts on “Tom Brady says there’s ‘zero’ chance Super Bowl LIII is his last game | NFL Countdown

  1. the older he gets the better he gets! people say "goat" all the time for athletes but Tom Brady is literally The Greatest Of All Time At his age people retire or loose it hes just getting better and better every season' and ofcourse the great team and coach we have to back him best team in nfl history #gopats

    pats 35 – 31 rams

  2. It’s trump’s mushroom licker cheats his way to success and pays referees tons of money to to give him shitty soft unfair calls so he can take the easy way out to win Super Bowls and he calls himself an elite successful quarterback, that doesn’t cut the mustard with me, he better not get into the hall of fame when he retires because he’s a fucken joke that has no respect for this sport and cheats his way to win Super Bowls. He can’t win them fair and square.

    Who the hell deflates footballs for fun? Why wasn’t this guy suspended? The whole New England Patriots are a cheating negative organization that can’t win fair and square….remember when it was their 2007 season opener against the Jets and felt the need to cheat to beat them? That’s my proof right there, the Patriots aren’t a dynasty football team that wins fair and square.

  3. Brady is ruining the sport. I understand that he can’t be forced to retire and I wouldn’t want him to be. But for the love of God, enough already! Retire for the good of the game you claim to love so much. Brady and Belichicks continued presence in New England is now a display of pure selfishness. Most guys might think that winning multiple SBs is good enough. Nothing left to prove. But not these two asshats. No, they are selfish dickweeds who think the world wants to see them win, which no one outside of New England does. And if you say you do then you are just a bandwagon fan. Plenty of you out thereI know, but don’t act as if you were a true fan unless you can tell me anything about the team before the Brady / Belichick era. Every year SB ratings get lower and lower because of these two. People are just sick of them. No envy. No Jealousy. Just bordering on pure hatred for what these two are doing to the NFL.

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