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Tiki and Tierney: Chael Sonnen talks Khabib vs. McGregor

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Bellator MMA fighter Chael Sonnen joins Tiki and Tierney to discuss his reaction to the post match brawl at UFC 229.

23 thoughts on “Tiki and Tierney: Chael Sonnen talks Khabib vs. McGregor”

  1. even after the facts are out. Bitch ass chael still acting stupid. Chael knows damn well Dillon instigated the fight and was screaming racist things during the fight. Chael knows connor hit first. The details are out mother fucker stop bullshiting.

  2. Hmm. Love how he never mentions Conor leaving the cage and attacking JOSE….
    No clue why he attacked Dillion/ He was yelling "F###ING Muslim RAT" at Khabib.
    This cheating P.O.S has failed like 3 drug tests and still never won a world title. Fired from fox now some reason espn hires this bum? SAD!

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