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The Super Bowl performance Kerry Collins put up against the Ravens was a masterpiece of ineptitude

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Many players have failed to live up to expectations in the Super Bowl, but when the Giants sent Kerry Collins out against the Ravens in Super Bowl XXXV, they probably expected something better than four sacks, five turnovers, and a quarterback rating below eight. Maybe the Giants weren’t ever going to beat that fearsome Baltimore defense, but Collins turning in the worst individual performance in Super Bowl history prevented us from ever finding out if they had a shot.


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38 thoughts on “The Super Bowl performance Kerry Collins put up against the Ravens was a masterpiece of ineptitude

  1. Oh wow! This one takes me back. The Ravens were still relatively new and, coincidentally, I was just warming up to that team. We had the most charismatic defense that year, with Ray Lewis dancing out of the tunnel being the icing on the cake. This and the Blackout in Super Bowl XLVII are two of my favorite Super Bowls of all-time!

  2. Kerry Collins definitely sucked in the super bowl, but years later when he was the backup and eventually the starter for the Titans he actually did a decent job for the most part.

  3. Kerry Collins is one of those players in history that just fascinate me at the position. This is a guy who helped an expansion team go to the NFC Championship (Carolina Panthers) then went to his coach, told him his heart wasnt into the sport and that he felt he couldn't play due to a battle with alcoholism. Then he beat out Ken Graham late in the year with the Giants the year prior to this superbowl, took the Giants to the big game in style, then imploded. The next year, he set a record for 23 fumbles. The year after that, he set a then Giants record for passing yards (broken by Eli's 2nd superbowl season) and still has many records for the club including the only perfect passer rating in a game, set in 02 as well. Giants move on with Warner and then rookie Eli, and Collins finds himself in the Black Hole when it was becoming the Black Hole swallowing players careers and spitting them up. Goes to the Titans, plays terrible, loses job to Vince Young who was looking like a phenom. Vince later gets hurt, Collins leads a 13-3 squad. Demands to be a starter if he returns, does so, the team in general is just terrible (leading to another SB Nation video on the worst blowout a 59-0 loss) for weeks on end. Vince returns, puts up enough film to get everyones hopes up, Collins calls it quits. Decides to come back as an insurance policy if ironman Peyton Manning doesnt return from neck surgery, who obviously didnt, gets concussed end of career.
    This is a guy who statistically, not impressive. This is a guy who on film, not that impressive. And yet he kept finding ways into the spotlight. So fascinating.

  4. Worst performance by an NFL QB starting in the Super Bowl: Tony Eason in Super Bowl XX. He failed to even complete a pass against the Da '85 Bears. At least, Kerry Collins accomplished not to be on THAT list.

  5. Manning in 2 Broncos SBs threw 1 TD. That’s only 3 pts per game from a hall of famer. People complain about Siemian, Keenum, Osweiler afterwards, but, while they do kind of suck, they’re no worse than the Sheriff that preceded them. They just have a worse defense on the other side. People always remember 2013 Manning and conveniently choose to ignore 2014-2015 Manning.

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