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The San Jose Sharks: A Legacy of Failure

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TRIGGER WARNING: The following video contains scenes that may cause horrible pain for Sharks fans and/or vicarious joy for division rivals.

The unfortunate fact is that the Sharks are my second-favorite team in the NHL. This is why I have to go deep. If you’re wondering why the Sharks have a Legacy of Failure despite being so young, you aren’t alone. The Sharks themselves don’t have it.

To understand their failure, you have to look further into their history. A past incarnation of the club, if you will. Enjoy all of the pain.

29 thoughts on “The San Jose Sharks: A Legacy of Failure”

  1. If you already have a LOLCow video, does that preclude you from having a Legacy of Failure video as well? Because if not, the Canucks are certainly prime for having a LoF video too.

  2. The 2013 3-0 Series Choke Job still haunts me to this day.
    Fuck the fact that we lost to the Pens in 2016 in the Stanley Cup Finals.
    Blowing a 3-0 Series to the Kings was the WORST moment ever for every Sharks fan, myself included!
    Was so damn pissed at them during that season and still am! 😡

    Besides that, great work again, Tree! 👍

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