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The NFL was COMPLETELY different in the 90's

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90’s NFL culture was vastly different than what we have today. It was a time before social media, and even the internet to an extent.

It was just you… and the game.

I sorta took a more chill approach to the beginning of this video, so let me know what you thought. I would really appreciate it!

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30 thoughts on “The NFL was COMPLETELY different in the 90's

  1. It used to be full of badass proid americans. Now its a bunch of entitled crybabys who hate the country that made them rich. I quit watching the n.f.l i sti watxhtje military football games. At liest those guys are proud men. Not pussys like in the n.f.l

  2. This is very wrong. None of these points are valid. Fantasy football was big in the 90s. There was plenty of media and sports coverage for all markets. The Bo Jackson was Tecmo Bowl in the 80s not 90s. Special turf shoes were just called turf shoes. I could go on.

  3. Speaking of uniforms, if I were in charge of basketball, I’d make the uniforms skin tight spandex pants, like the shit they wear under their uniforms now.. I think that would draw more women and gay dudes.. u Would be able to see everyone’s package.. I think it would sell tickets. Like a tight wet suit… who’s with me??

  4. The nfl was way more violent and more of a mans game than it is today. Sure the athletes might be faster and stronger but 90s guys were not pussys like these guys nowadays

  5. If Barry Sanders had the O-Line that Emmit Smith had, he would top 4,000 yards. He rushed for 2,000 with an O-Line that was bottom 5 in the league. And STILL made it to 2,000. Incredible.

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