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The New Zealand Haka Across Many Different Sports

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The traditional Haka being performed by the New Zealand national teams of many different sports

39 thoughts on “The New Zealand Haka Across Many Different Sports

  1. Annnnnd this is why you don't fuck with New Zealanders. They fucking crazy. You gotta remember that they used to do this shit on the battlefield to pump themselves to get ready to kill or be killed. And it works.

  2. If I remember right, if during the haka they stick their tongue out at you then its an insult to you. Its their way of saying – im going to kill you, eat you, and then shit you out and the power you had will be mine. In short, they're saying you're nothing but food.

  3. You will never feel you're entire body shake, you're bones rattle and a ship.suze amount of emotions land on you like it do when the strongest nations Polynesia do their haka and native Americans do tribal drumming. If have yet to feel earth move under you see either nation live. It's just……….

  4. Growing up in Australia theres always a couple smartass kiwis at your school who think they're cool cos they can do a little wardance, and they do it every chance they get
    it's embarassing (you're playing soccer you fucking wanker) and it's tacky

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