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The Nets should retaliate against Joel Embiid – Richard Jefferson | Jalen & Jacoby

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Richard Jefferson and David Jacoby analyze the Philadelphia 76ers first-round series with the Brooklyn Nets and break down Joel Embiid’s elbow on Jarrett Allen. Jefferson says Embiid has shown a lot of immaturity this series, and the Nets should retaliate against him for laughing in the postgame interview.

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30 thoughts on “The Nets should retaliate against Joel Embiid – Richard Jefferson | Jalen & Jacoby

  1. See how hard he laughs and how tough he thinks he is when he’s recovering from a broken face again. I hope they break Joel’s spirit, and I hate both of these teams

  2. Omg…why is everybody overreacting. It was a hard foul…. definitely a flagrant but come on people! Since all the pundits want to dissect every aspect of the foul and the underwhelming apology why are they all missing the in-game apology Embiid gave Allen to start the 2nd half. Btw, Allen accepted. Don't @ me until you look it up. This was nothing in the nineties. League is soft as hell now

  3. You can see in the slo-mo that Embid cocked his elbow, and then fired it. Completely intentional, and he should have been ejected and then suspended for a couple of games. No place for that in the NBA. For him to then laugh about it in the presser – disgusting.

  4. People complain about how soft this new NBA is but giving Embiid flack for an elbow on a basketball move in the post that Shaq use to be known for. Go watch Golf if you can't handle it cupcakes

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